192 SAMU (Ambulance Service)
193 Fire Department
190 Military Police
194 Federal Police
199 Civil Defense
136 Dial Health
1746 State Public Health bureau
Rio de Janeiro City Government

Are you currently in Rio de Janeiro or do you have a trip scheduled to visit the city? Would you like to learn more about the state of Rio and its capital?

The State of Rio de Janeiro has an area of 43.780,172 km² and a population estimated in 16.369.179 people. It is divided in 92 municipalities, among which the capital Rio de Janeiro features as one of the biggest economic and cultural centers in South America with an area of 1.200,278 km² and a population of 6.320.446 people.

With an atlantic tropical weather, which suffers from the visible effect of the air-sea humidity, the city of Rio de Janeiro has relatively low thermal amplitudes. Summer (from December 21st to March 21st) is likely to be hot and humid and winter (from June 21st to September 23rd) is mild and with less frequent rains.

During winter, the average temperature is around 18,5°C and 25,2°C. This is not a very rainy period. The average is around six days of rain per month. But although the humidity is lower than the rest of the year, it remains in reasonable levels during winter.

Throughout the year, the average of relative humidity in the period before noon stays in 84,6% and, after 12:00, in 70,8%. June, July and August show the lowest percentages in the evening: 69, 68 and 66%, respectively.

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